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UWCSEA's commitment to professional learning: An annual cycle of planned opportunities to reflect, connect and develop practice

Steve Meade, Former Deputy Head of Campus, East Campus

What teachers know, do and believe has a major influence on what students learn. At UWCSEA we strongly believe that to improve the quality of teaching and learning, we must invest in the learning of teachers.

A teacher’s professional learning journey is an ongoing process of inquiry into and reflection on their practice, punctuated by learning activities and programs designed to enhance their professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes. This process of growth and development provides opportunities for teachers to examine and challenge their assumptions about their role, experiment with teaching strategies and develop a deeper understanding of their subject content, the students they teach and how their students learn.

UWCSEA's commitment to professional learning means a series of annual, planned opportunities for professional growth.

Teachers need to be provided with opportunities to learn; they must also be open to learning. A commitment to the professional growth of every teacher is supported with professional learning opportunities that respect and acknowledge that teachers are adult learners who learn in different ways, come from different backgrounds, work in a variety of context specific settings and cater for the needs of diverse students.

We all know that to improve at something, you have to practice. And if you want to learn more about something, you have to study. At UWCSEA, we approach professional learning in the same way. Professional learning for teachers at the East Campus has been a major focus for our community this academic year. Every Wednesday afternoon, teams of teachers meet to inquire into and reflect on their practice with an overarching aim of improving student learning. Examples of professional learning workshops for teachers at East this year include:

  • The implementation of Reading Workshop in K1-G5
  • A balanced approach to student assessment
  • Differentiation of instruction to support the diverse needs of our students
  • Use of technology as a tool to enhance student learning
UWCSEA's commitment to professional learning means a series of annual, planned opportunities for professional growth.

In addition to our Professional Learning workshops conducted on Wednesday afternoons, we also have two professional learning days this year for teachers when your child is not at school. On these professional learning days, we also engage in this study and practice of new skills and knowledge, based on research, to improve student learning. Teachers at East will continue this great learning and worthwhile dialogue on Monday, 30 April, our second professional learning day for this academic year.

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