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Innovative Spaces at UWCSEA: Dover Campus Gymnastics Centre

Faé Gesmundo, Gymnastics Coach, Dover Campus and Molly Fassbender, Communications and Marketing Executive, UWCSEA Foundation

At UWCSEA, all Physical Education lessons include units in Gymnastics. Students of all ages spend time in the Gymnastics Centre, where they are guided by specialist Gymnastics coaches to develop their skills on the trampolines, vaults, horizontal and uneven bars, beams, rings, tumble track and rebound floor.

An inside look at the Dover Campus Gymnastics Centre.

A - Foam pit: Dover is the only international school in Singapore with an in-ground multi-pit system. Two trampolines, two bars, vault and rod floor lead in to the pit to work on flight skills, dismounts and presentations.

B - Parallel bars: This brand new set of AAI competition parallel bars are perfect for students to work on under bar skills.

C - Trampoline: Two Euro-bed competitive trampolines are dug in to ground level and set against a pit. Students work on their air awareness, be it just body tension in straight jumps or training their inner ear.

D - Rings: Adjustable-height still rings allow students to learn and master new skills close to the ground before increasing the distance. The ability to set the rings quite low also opens them for use in conditioning.

E - Horizontal bar and uneven bars: All five sets of bars are Gymnova, a brand seen often on the world stage in Gymnastics. The height and width of the bars is adjustable, making it easy for a single coach to switch from a recreational to a competitive set up.

F - Rebound floor: An Olympic-sized foam floor offers plenty of space for multiple classes to warm up at the same time. Mirrors along one wall allow students to see their form and posture as they practice skills.

G - Balance beams: The centre features two fully adjustable Gymnova beams, one medium height Acromat beam, as well as three floor beams. The low beams on the floor are perfect for learning new skills without the fear of falling.

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