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Ears of East – a student-produced podcast series

Melanie Wilson, Head of IB Global Politics, UWCSEA East
UWCSEA East Ears of East

Ears of East is a podcast series by UWCSEA East students in Grade 10 to 12, facilitated by Melanie Wilson, Head of IB Global Politics. Now in its third successful year, Ears of East continues to provide quality content, covering topics such as Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 and the recent headline surrounding the TikTok ban.

Before deciding on the topic for each podcast, the students pitch topics and issues to the group and include something that other students can read and/or listen to about the issue so that everyone can learn more. The group then votes on the top three or four issues that the next run of episodes will be on. The topics could be related to broad ‘global’ politics or could relate to issues of particular interest in our UWCSEA East community – or any level of analysis in between. 

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes – after much research has been done, the group then has to prepare a set of ‘talking points’ to help the discussion flow, record, edit and upload the episode, and then advertise the episode through online notices, posters and on Twitter.  

Depending on the topic of discussion, the group also conducts student and staff interviews, surveys and have asked ‘guest speakers’ to come and join the episode. They recently did an episode on the college cheating scandal in the US and asked two of the UAC advisors to join their meeting. Ears of East has also been asked to make collaborative episodes with Grade 10 GPERS ‘team project’ groups who are looking at issues of sustainability in Singapore. 

As Ears of East grows, the aim is to continue to produce high quality episodes that are of interest to the students and staff at UWCSEA East and to expand the amount of students and teachers that are regularly listening to their episodes. 

Click here to access the Ears of East portfolio containing all of their recordings. You can also follow them on Twitter at @EarsEast.

(Note the image above was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic)

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