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Alkene and Botany, where Science and students meet to grow

Vrinda, Founder of Alkene and Botany, 2020, UWCSEA Dover Campus

Alkene and Botany was founded in UWCSEA Dover by one of our Grade 11 students, Vrinda, and has now become an International Magazine, in all UWC's and beyond. This magazine is a platform where STEM driven students can write articles on what interests them in the field of science. Their mission is to empower others across the world to get involved with STEM and give others the opportunity to become a part of the world of science. To quote our UWC mission statement, we believe in making, "education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future", Alkene and botany not only brings together students from across the world but also fosters an interest in science. 

UWCSEA Dover's Alkene and Botany

When asked what inspired her to create Alkene and Botany, Vrinda discussed how in her previous school, there wasn’t a lot of depth given in terms of Science, as the Science courses were quite limited. She added, “We were studying Biology and Chemistry, but I have always been a curious child, which meant I wanted to know more than what was taught in class. We hadn’t explored scientific concepts as much as we do in UWCSEA, this pushed me to do a lot of extra reading as I had an interest in the field. Hence, I wanted to create my own magazine for other children across the globe who are interested in STEM, making it known that STEM can be for anyone, anywhere.

The naming process of the magazine was quite challenging. I wanted it to be something unique that many recognised as a biochemistry magazine. Thus, I arrived upon the name Alkene and Botany. Alkene represents an element of chemistry, and Botany represents an element of Biology. Alkene is involved in an essential part of chemistry which is organic chemistry, and botany is involved with the plant aspect of biology – in using this name, I wanted to emphasise the natural world and the human man-made world that involves biochemistry.”

Team Alkene and Botany

What message do you hope to spread to other fellow students in UWCs around the world with the magazine as an international bridge between science and students?

The message I want to spread to individuals across the globe is that there is no specific prerequisite to be interested in science. Anyone across the globe can be a part of a STEM career, whether that is to do with computer science, natural sciences or even human sciences. I hope to create a form of unity between each of our campuses, making the STEM movement a key part of the UWC movement. It is important to me that individuals are given the opportunity to foster and develop their scientific knowledge. Following the UWC mission statement, this magazine hopes to adopt UWC's values to unite individuals across the world who are inspired by science, pushing forth the idea that anyone anywhere can be a part of a STEM movement.

In what way has the mission catapulted or even motivated the direction of the magazine and where do you hope it leads to?

I hope the magazine leads to more students having a passion and drive to explore science-based careers in the future, especially younger women. Or, even if this is not an interest, knowing what is happening in science such as scientific developments is important, as these are constantly impacting our lives. My interest in biochemistry has always been prevalent since a young age, forming another goal of mine which is to get adolescents involved in science at a younger age – fostering and developing an interest in this field. Knowing that I am making a difference to one individual by showing them they can be a part of such a strong movement with many others who are equally as passionate is important to me, and is something that motivates me to keep going with this journey. 

For more information on how you can be a part of the Alkene and Botany community or to show your support, check out their website,

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