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A battle of numbers: UWCSEA's Math Tournament

Justin, Grade 10, Founder of UWCMT, UWCSEA Dover Campus
UWCMT Team 2021

The Tournament

On the afternoon of 22 February, the exam hall was filled with enthusiasm as the first UWCMT, which stands for United World College Math Tournament, took place. The UWCMT is a student-led math tournament founded by Justin, a Grade 10 student at UWCSEA Dover. It has the goal of creating a math tournament that's engaging and fun all while suitable for a greater number of students with interesting, relatable and creative questions.

The first round was the Olympiad Round. The Olympiad Round has a structure similar to most other math competitions with 25 multiple choice questions and 90 minutes. What set it apart was that it had some interesting and relatable questions. One such example was about the Counselling and Wellness centre’s newest dog, Thad. It was a simple algebraic puzzle about Thad bringing some people and dogs and having to figure out the number of people in the scenario given the number of heads and number of legs.

The second round was the Theme Round. This round had a more unique style and it was about fighting COVID-19 using math, which allowed students to explore current real-world applications of math. Students had to apply the knowledge which they knew in order to model cases and look for special cases.

Math Tournament 2021

Plans for the future

Next year, the UWCMT team plans on having other schools take part in this tournament along with having an online option and making various improvements to this tournament. Next year’s tournament will be easier than this year's tournament and last for a shorter period of time. Instead of a Theme Round, there will be a Discovery Round which is about exploring two mathematical topics (pure or applied). There will also be a Game Round which will be about mathematical strategies of various games. Be sure to look out for this tournament next year!

Justin also plans on founding a global STEM nonprofit called STEMUSO. By joining this organisation, members will help and benefit from a global network of students enthusiastic about STEM. This organisation will start a variety of STEM projects such as coding competitions for non-coders along with many more. This organisation will listen to project ideas proposed by the students in it and help develop those ideas. It will also do some fundraising, provide material to students, organise seminars and many more! STEMUSO plans on getting other schools around the world including other UWCs in order to increase the connectivity of the UWC schools along with other schools.

UWCMT Students

If you are interested in becoming a founding member of STEMUSO, sign up here.

You could start helping out from the beginning of the School break at the end of the school year if you are busy with exams.

Alternatively, you could start helping out next school year, as it is likely that there will be an activity or a service for STEMUSO and UWCMT. Be sure to look out for this if you are interested in helping out in either of the organisations!

Congratulations to the following students! These are the top three for each grade along with star organisers who put a lot of effort into organising this tournament.


Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
1. Yilan
2. Kyurin
3. Dongha
1. Aritra
2. Eunho
3. Shin

Middle School

1. Raunak 
2. Riyaa
3. Ada

High School

1. Xiaoyao
2. Yeonjun
3. Illisha

1. Huaiyao
2. Cio
3. Aanya
1. Hanrui
2. Basant
3. Cion
Yanjia (Frank) 
Star Organisers
Che I Su (Johnny)






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