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Standing together: UWCSEA’s community spirit

Dear Migrant Workers

With Service at the heart of the UWC mission, UWCSEA has had a long-standing Service learning programme. Representing one of the five elements of the UWCSEA Learning Programme, Service is directly aligned with our mission and begins with the youngest students, empowering them to become aware, able and active contributors in Singapore and beyond. 

COVID-19 has unfortunately impacted Singapore in various ways, particularly affecting migrant workers who are currently facing unprecedented conditions and hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s rapid infection rate in migrant worker dormitories.

Together with our Singapore Service partner organisations including It’sRainingRaincoats, Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) and H.O.M.E., the UWCSEA community kickstarted initiatives to support migrant workers through various ways, working around the limitations of the ‘circuit breaker’. Notably, the community pulled together resources in an effort to create a video with a message that strengthened our support for affected migrant workers in the country. 

We stand together: Dear Migrant Workers

Despite the obstacles of physical distance, members of the UWCSEA community worked together to express multiple heartfelt messages of support and appreciation in a video dedicated to migrant workers affected by COVID-19. UWCSEA’s community and its members stepped up to show express voices of encouragement and support in unity.

“You are in our hearts

Your families may be far, but people here care

We stand together

We’re with you in spirit

Love to you - and your families

We appreciate all you do for us, and Singapore

Get well soon

We know it's hard for you right now

Stay safe

We are grateful to you

Together, we will get through this

We’re #UnitedinDistance”

Members of the UWCSEA community, both young and old came together and displayed a moving heart passed along between switching screens – demonstrating that no matter where we are, our hearts are with those in difficulty. Keeping true to being united in distance, the community also created platforms for others to show support, connecting with partner organisations to raise awareness on migrant workers and their struggles.

Phoenix 5K 4 Migrant Workers



Another initiative, Phoenix 5K 4 Migrant Workers was formed in an effort to create opportunities for the community to take part in showing our support for migrant workers, from our homes. This was an innovative alternative for a fundraising marathon, which would not have been possible with the safe distancing measures in place. UWCSEA Dover developed a fun way to lift the spirits of its students, parents and staff. In collaboration with ItsRainingRaincoats, Ray of Hope and GivingSG, we organised a charity fundraiser to raise S$5,000 for Migrant Workers in Singapore. Participants would donate S$5 and nominate five people on their social media to do the same, spreading the word on the charitable cause. Encouraging different methods of showing support whether through running, biking, walking, rollerblading, swimming or even skating, with the choice of doing it indoors and outdoors; the UWCSEA community was able to turn our ordinary exercise into support for the migrant worker community – motivating each other to stay active while also contributing to a meaningful cause. 

In the spirit of giving, UWCSEA and its community hope to show our continuous support, acknowledging and respecting the contributions of the migrant workers in Singapore.

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