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Innovation@East supports students to take their original concepts from ideation to launch, learning from both their successes and mistakes.

Students are encouraged to develop an innovator’s mindset. An interdisciplinary way of thinking ruminates on problems, tinkers with ideas, and leads to enacting digital and physical ideas with a spirit of ethical imagination and resilience.

As students internalise an innovator’s mindset, they take responsibility for connecting and collaborating with our local community to create innovative products, services and systems.

2020/2021 updates

First Robotics Competition

The First Robotics Competition took place on April 8; a programming event that empowers students to share their love for robotics and STEM within their communities and countries through outreach projects. More updates to follow. 


Junior School tinkering areas

In Term 2, as part of the Maker Community initiative under innovation@East, teachers in the Junior School established tinkering areas in the pod spaces. Students now have daily access to hand tools and recycled materials, encouraging their creativity and STEM skills.


Looking ahead

Continued development of the innovation@East project will lead to the establishment of innovation as a focus of creative community engagement and entrepreneurial student activity that may reach into or derive from any of the areas of our learning programme. Strategic planning will include fundraising and long term sustainability of this project-based role with the possibility of creating a physical space to bring together all of the many exciting innovation activities at East Campus.

Innovation@East was established through the generosity of a community donor.

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