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Culture of giving

Foundation, UWCSEA

Philanthropy emanates from every corner of our community. Students, staff, parents and alumni are generously giving their time, talent and treasure. Our culture of giving is at the very heart of what makes UWCSEA not just a great international school, but a great United World College.

Time and talent

Hundreds of community members volunteer their time and talent to the College. From chaperoning a Primary School class field trip, to acting as a buddy for a family new to the College, or giving countless hours of professional expertise and enthusiasm to the Parents’ Association, Parents’ Action for Community and Education, the Foundation Parent Ambassadors, the Foundation Leadership Council, or the Board of Governors, volunteers are the backbone of the College. They are essential to turning the College’s greatest ambitions into reality.


Collective giving advances the UWC mission and enriches the transformational UWCSEA learning experience in the classroom and beyond. Donations to the UWCSEA Fund support three priorities: scholarships, sustainability and teaching and learning.
    •    $836,607 Raised in 2018/2019 for the UWCSEA Fund
    •    30% Parent participation

Scholarships – uniting people, nations and cultures

At the heart of the Scholarship Programme is the core belief that to have a positive impact on the world we need to encourage and enable young people who have the conviction to be agents of change. Through school fees, families contribute to UWCSEA’s Scholarship Programme and with the generosity of additional gifts to the College, the UWC Refugee Initiative and the UWCSEA Staff Scholarship Fund, the College community is able to welcome increasing numbers of scholars of great promise and potential.

Thanks to the support of the community:

108 scholars are receiving a UWC education
101 scholars from 57 different countries at UWCSEA 56 at Dover Campus and 45 at East Campus (Grade 8–12)
2 at UWC Mostar College (funded through the UWC Refugee Initiative)
1 at UWC Atlantic College (funded through the UWC Refugee Initiative)
2 at Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA (funded through the UWCSEA Staff Scholarship Fund)
2 at UWC Mahindra College (funded through the UWCSEA Staff Scholarship Fund)
For a scholar, a UWC education opens doors to unimaginable opportunities; giving them a chance to take their dynamism and commitment to new levels, personally, socially and globally. A scholarship provides a remarkable chance for students to gain not only the qualifications that will set them on a lifelong path of success but to develop the personal qualities and skills that will help them to grow as responsible and resilient individuals who value service to others and a commitment to care.
Our scholars add to the diversity of UWCSEA by sharing their traditions, their community and their stories with fellow students. Living and learning with these students brings to life global issues, an appreciation of differences and a deeper understanding of specific cultures and nations for our whole community.

57 countries across the world are represented by scholars at UWCSEA

• Argentina • Belarus • Belgium • Bhutan • Botswana • Brazil • Burkina Faso • Cambodia • China • Colombia • Denmark • El Salvador • Estonia • Ethiopia • Fiji • France • Georgia • Germany • Ghana • Greece • Guatemala • Honduras • Hong Kong • Hungary • India • Israel • Italy • Jamaica • Jordan • Kazakhstan • Kenya • Laos • Lithuania • Malawi • Malaysia • Mexico • Myanmar • Namibia • Netherlands • Peru • Philippines • Portugal • Russia • Senegal • Serbia • Sierra Leone • Spain • Sri Lanka • Taiwan • Tanzania • Thailand • Uganda • Ukraine • Uruguay • USA • Venezuela • Vietnam
Would you like to know more about our current scholars? Come along to one of the many events where you can chat with them about their journey to UWCSEA. Our annual Dinner with Scholars, Home Away from Home dinners, and Cooking with Boarders are all opportunities for our community to make connections. All events are advertised in eBrief.

Sustainability – creating a sustainable future

The College is committed to ensuring that environmental stewardship is a major part of every child’s education. Gifts directed to sustainability initiatives give students hands-on opportunities to build their environmental skills and knowledge to become the eco-entrepreneurs of the future.
In 2018/2019, initiatives funded included: Solar for UWCSEA, the Dover Green Heart, and a variety of projects touching on: campus-wide composting, marine conservation, biomimicry and biodiversity conservation, zero-waste practices and a garden on the roof of Nelson Mandela boarding house.

Teaching and Learning – exceptional learning experiences

Today, teaching and learning programmes require more adaptation and innovation than ever before. Gifts to Teaching and Learning extend the impact of our holistic, values-based curriculum, providing unique opportunities for staff and students to deepen their knowledge and passions. Investing in our professional development for teachers and the continued enhancement of our educational programme allows UWCSEA to provide an unparalleled learner-centric experience, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Teaching and Learning Initiatives funded in 2018/2019 include: IDEAS Hub at Dover, longitudinal study into the impact of the UWC experience by Harvard Graduate School of Education, experiential artist-in-residence programmes and a Chinese Culture and History Programme

Class Giving

In May 2019, thanks to the Foundation Parent Ambassadors, parents, teachers and students, we saw over 40 classes join forces to make an end of year gift. Classes came together to raise funds for projects that allowed students to address world issues in real life—installing a solar panel, planting an endangered tree or actively supporting education for UWCSEA.

Thank you to everyone for supporting UWCSEA! Your generosity is what makes our Culture of Giving so powerful. Click here to support us. Additional giving initiatives: Reunion Class Giving, Graduate Class Giving and comprehensive Major Gift and Corporate Stewardship programmes.

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