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A time of Thanks and Gratitude


PACE organised a spectacular party and show of UWCSEA community spirit with the Willy Wonka parent-child dance events across both campuses in November. A huge success thanks to the community's generosity and goodwill to support the education of hundreds of children in both Myanmar and the Philippines.

Over a year ago, changes to the Charity Act laws in Singapore inhibited PACE's ability to support our wonderful NGOs and beneficiaries in Myanmar and the Philippines. When we were given the green light to organise a fundraising event in 2019-20, we decided it was critical to first fulfill our on-going commitment to our scholars in the Philippines. When we fulfilled our commitment to the Lihuk scholars at Dover, we crossed our fingers and wished really hard that we would be able to make a second dream come true. We decided to focus the fundraising for our second event on East Campus to build a school with our NGO in Myanmar.

Both Dover and East communities rallied with sold-out events of 198 parents and children on Dover and 218 parents and children on East. You came charging to the fore, armed with lollipop paddles and raised over $100,000!
    •    This will feed 100 children every school day for a year and remake a very outdated library at the Calamba Centre in Cebu, Philippines.
    •    It will also help rebuild a middle school for 120 children in rural Mandalay, Myanmar as well as replace an insect-infested teacher’s boarding house.

Your actions have also touched the hearts of our partner NGOs, the following are thank you messages from them:

"This is indeed really wonderful news. Congratulations on your very successful fundraiser." John Stevens, 100 Schools

"Thank you so much for the very up-to-date information regarding the Willy Wonka fundraising. We are very much privileged for the thoughts and efforts you all have done for our beneficiaries in Lihuk.” Veronica Cabales, Lihuk Panaghiusa Inc.

We are truly grateful for the magnitude of participation from the community.
In summary:
    •    We had over 200 children and 200 parents representing 140 families attend the dances at the two campuses.
    •    Over 120 UWCSEA teachers + staff contributed prizes for the silent and live auction.  We also featured an art auction of UWCSEA artists at both events.
    •    The remaining prizes were donated solely from the UWCSEA community (parents, students and alumni).
    •    Of the $100,000 raised at Dover and East, over $45,000 was raised in a simple appeal for donations resulting in 56 attendees.
    •    Over 20 PACE parents met weekly since August to organise this event. There were parents from East and Dover and from infant school to high school. A number were new parents volunteering for a UWCSEA community event for the first time!

We are still over the moon with the positive energy that came out of the event. 

Learn more about PACE. Look out and sign up for our next Family Service Day in January 2020 and on-going activities, social evenings and HCA visits. PACE's vision is to have every parent embody the UWCSEA values of compassion and service. We hope you and your families will continue this journey with us.


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