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A new Primary play space–the rooftop playground

UWCSEA Foundation

The College is developing an exciting new rooftop play and learning area for K1-G1 East students. This innovative space utilises materials that can be moved all around the space and used in endless ways, the only limit is the imagination of our students! The versatility of movable equipment provides children with virtually endless ways to create and aid in developing skills such as problem-solving, engineering, hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, concentration and creativity.

Each child uses the same material in different ways; a stick to one child might be a flag pole added onto their construction site, but to another, it might be used to stir a pot!


Learning through nature

The space is designed so that students can experience learning through all of their senses and can learn in, and with, nature. We look forward to building a kitchen garden growing herbs, aromatherapy plants, plants that will attract wildlife, and more. Our students will be involved in planting, nurturing and tending the gardens.

Teamwork through play

The rooftop is separated into both wet and dry zones where students use  water play areas to bring out their inner engineer, creating pathways for water using multiple levels and a series of pipes and blocks. This activity strongly encourages the development of problem solving skills. teamwork and collaboration.

Bringing creativity to life

The addition of a mud kitchen to the rooftop zone encourages imaginative play where the youngest learners are creating stories and games though everyday objects. 

The rooftop space will be further enhanced by planting and social seating for students to develop their communication skills, deepening existing friendships and developing new ones.

Primary Rooftop Playground East


Student leadership

Grade 1 students are greatly enjoying the space and have created instruction guides for younger students encouraging safe and responsible play. 

One of the key features of the rooftop learning and play space is the way in which the moveable elements can be configured in different ways to provide opportunities for students to be creative in their learning through play. 

Each time our students visit the rooftop it can look very different from the last time they were there, providing them with something new to explore.

Skills supported through the new playground:

Problem solving | Engineering | Creativity | Concentration | Hand-eye coordination | Fine motor development | Gross motor development | Language and vocabulary building | Mathematical thinking | Scientific thinking | Literacy | Social/emotional development

Next steps

While there are still aspects of the rooftop learning space that will continue to be developed in the months ahead, our students are already enjoying this exciting outdoor learning environment with their friends. 

As part of the continued development of this new learning space, and aligned to our philosophy to give agency to our students, we are actively seeking inputs into the future developments for this space, and others, from our students to continue to enhance outdoor learning spaces at East Campus.

This new play and learning space was made possible thanks to a generous community donor.

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