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Storytelling on the Green Screen

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K2 storytellers visit the UWCSEA Dover IDEAS Hub during Discovery Time to build on storytelling skills learned in reading and writing workshop by using ipads, apps and the multimedia studio
Alison Forrow
Digital Literacy Coach

Storytelling on the Green Screen

K2 integrate technology into reading and writing workshop

Have you ever wanted to magically change your current location to be somewhere else? A snowy mountain? A white sandy beach perhaps? Or maybe somewhere with some history and culture? Well the K2 students on Dover Campus have been doing just that by using the magic of technology as part of their regular Discovery Time sessions.

Discovery Time is scheduled time within the weekly Infant School timetable in order to put students in control of their learning. Activities offered during the 90 minutes of Discovery Time are structured to allow time for students to develop conceptual understandings through different experiences and using a range of materials. Some activities are led by teachers and others are more student driven.

Technology integration is something that happens from K1 and the digital literacy team, together with classroom teachers, refer to the most recent research while thinking carefully about how we do this using best practice. Infant School classrooms have sets of iPads available in order to support and enhance learning and students use them with increasing competency.

During Reading and Writing Workshop in Term 2, K2 student’s have been moving on from personal narrative to fictional stories. As a result, they have to think about more complex ideas including setting, character and plot. How will the characters talk to each other and how will they act? In the Discovery Time area students have been given opportunities to put on shows and perform for their friends and classmates.

In order to extend their learning, and integrate the use of technology within an appropriate setting, small groups of intrepid storytellers ventured over to the UWCSEA Dover IDEAS Hub towards the end of Term 2. There they used the Multimedia Studios to retell part of a traditional tale in front of a green screen. With help from our wonderful parent volunteers the Infant students chose a setting from an album of images ranging from forests and castles to farms and villages and imported it into the Green Screen app on the IDEAS Hub iPads. A little bit of dressing up, maybe a crown for the queen or an axe for the woodcutter, helped the students to get into character before they decided what they would say as they performed a few lines for the camera. The children focussed on how to deliver their lines and how to use their bodies to match their character. The final product was a short video clip in which the student was transported into a fictional fairytale world.

Time spent in the Multimedia Studios was a combination of many elements of our learning programme as well as an exciting experience for our Infant students. They came back to class buzzing and recounting their experience to friends. Teachers have begun sharing the short videos with parents via our Learning Journal platform, Seesaw, and feedback from parents and teachers alike indicates they are impressed by the children’s ability to make decisions, be creative and perform on camera.

Bravo! More, more!

26 Mar 2018
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