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Janine Larsen

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Janine Larsen
Head of Primary Music, East Campus

Janine joined UWCSEA in 2014 and currently serves as Head of Primary Music at East Campus. She earned her Bachelor of Music from Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, and a Master of Music from Boston University. She was a violinist at conservatory, but cultural diversity in education has always been her driving force, which is what brought her to UWC.

Building intercultural understanding through music

Each December, over 1000 Primary School students on East Campus come together to showcase the amazing and diverse learning that happens in our Primary School Music programme. Uniting Nations Day at East is a celebration of our community’s diversity and our commitment to connecting people through culture. In our curricular Music programme, students learn about the many ways that people and cultures express themselves through music, from folk songs to traditional instruments to modern fusion.

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Uniting Nations Day at East Campus
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