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Gemma Dawson

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Gemma Dawson
IBDP English Language and Literature and Theory of Knowledge (ToK) teacher, East Campus

Gemma Dawson is an IBDP English Language and Literature and Theory of Knowledge (ToK) teacher in the UWCSEA East High School in Singapore. For the past 10 years, she has also been an Associate Examiner for the IB in English Literature Part 1 and World Studies EE. Previously, Gemma taught IGCSE and IBDP Language and Literature at the International School of Geneva,

At UWCSEA, she is also a staff facilitator of Initiative for Peace (IFP), a leadership programme to develop students as peace-builders, and of Voices for Refugees, a student-led advocacy group.

She has a BA in English Lit and an MSt in Women's Studies from the University of Oxford and is currently enrolled in a Masters programme at the University of Glasgow in Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Research.

Queer Studies

Most students continuing onto a postgrad degree immediately following their bachelors are probably used to the usual jokes about avoiding the real world, not wanting to get a job. In my case, this move was accompanied by homophobic 'banter', questions about my course of choice, my sexuality, and my family's refusal to look over my dissertation. 

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