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Paul Brogden

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Paul Brogden
Middle School Vice Principal (Curriculum), Dover Campus

Paul joined UWCSEA in 2004 as a teacher of Geography and has held the post of Middle School Vice Principal of Curriculum since 2006.

Originally from the UK, Paul studied for his Bachelor's degree and teaching qualifications in Sheffield, Yorkshire. He misses the people and the scenery but not the weather. Paul has taught in schools in Banbury in the UK, Muscat in Oman and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. He was lucky enough to attend an international school in Kuwait way back in the 1970's so he knows how life changing the experience can be for students. Paul has been a Head of Department and Head of Grade, sometimes at the same time. He has written curriculum for the International Baccalaureate, led workshops and is an IB Geography examiner.

Paul teaches Middle School Humanities and is a geographer at heart; he enjoys travel which living in Singapore provides lots of opportunities. His wife Gez teaches in the Primary School and they have three young children who keep them happily busy.

Grade 8 Film Festival


“I learnt that you really need to manage your time well and that high quality work doesn’t just appear, you need to work extremely hard.”

One of the things we know about young adolescents is that the Middle School age is a period of rapid physical, social and emotional development, perhaps the stage of most significant change since infancy and toddlerhood. The end of Grade 8 also marks an important transition into High School. It is a time when students are really beginning to ‘find themselves’ and seek ways to express this.

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