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Karen Cockburn

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Karen Cockburn
Former Middle School Vice Principal, Pastoral, Dover Campus

Karen grew up in the west of Ireland and retains a fondness for scones and soda bread. She received her Bachelor of Education degree in Dublin and then went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in English and Mathematics at University College Dublin. Teaching in Dublin, Dubai and London followed, with her path eventually leading to Singapore. Karen started UWCSEA teaching in the Learning Support department and was Head of Learning Support for four years. Her life as Middle School Vice Principal Pastoral is exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Karen lives with her husband and two teenage sons who enjoy science and technology; as a result, she hears a lot about neutrinos, quarks and black holes. She is a keen supporter of the Irish rugby team, in good times and bad.

Powerful Personal and Social Education

One of the core aims of our Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme in Middle School is to help students identify, celebrate and manage the many personal and social challenges they face while at school and in the future. Our developmental PSE curriculum, delivered through weekly Life Skills classes and tutor group sessions, deals with real life issues that affect students. It engages with the values, experience, attitudes and emotions which students bring to their learning, together with their knowledge and understanding.


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