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David Kainey

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David Kainey
Former PYP Coordinator, UWCSEA East

David Kainey helped to found the East Campus when it opened in Ang Mo Kio in 2008. As the PYP Coordinator for UWCSEA East, he oversaw the IB accreditation process which enabled the East Campus to offer the programme shortly after opening.

He has a Diploma of Teaching (Primary) from The University of Melbourne and completed his Masters in Education while at UWCSEA East. David is now the Assistant Head of Elementary School at the Australian International School in Singapore.

Lend a Hand

Speak to Grade 4 students nearing the end of the academic year and the conversation will lead to what life will be like as a Grade 5 student and inevitably the challenges and excitement associated with the learning journey that is the Grade 5 Exhibition of Learning.

This year the Grade 5 students of UWCSEA East had the opportunity to identify some real world issues to pursue, in the category of either a social or environmental nature.

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2014 Grade 5 Exhibition of Learning
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