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Cathy Jones

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Cathy Jones
Vice Principal High School, UWCSEA East

Before joining UWCSEA, Cathy has been privileged to have a variety of teaching and leadership experiences, both in terms of location and educational levels. She has worked with students in China, New Zealand, South Africa and England, at middle school, high school and at tertiary level, and in international, public and private schools.

A Geographer and English teacher, Cathy has also enjoyed working with students as they develop leadership skills through a range of service activities, on field trips and excursions and in activities such as Model United Nations (MUN), the publishing of the year book, 'Roots and Shoot's and student leadership groups.

Travel and photography are her favourite holiday pastimes, and she hopes to visit Antarctica when someone works out how to get there cheaply, without being seasick.

To FIB or not to FIB

What happens if your family relocates just as you are about to start Grade 10? Or if you want to begin the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)but you’ve never experienced inquiry-based learning that requires you to be self-motivated and independent? At UWCSEA we are lucky to be able to provide an answer to these questions: you enrol in the Foundation IB (FIB) course.


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