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Thinking and opinion on our mission-aligned education and related topics through the lens of our learning leaders, students, alumni and partners.
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International Women's Day

Carma Elliot CMG OBE, College President, UWCSEA

It is 25 years since 189 countries adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a set of commitments to promote women's equality, at the historic UN conference in Beijing. On International Women's Day, College President Carma Elliot hosted three inspiring women for a panel discussion on Beijing plus 25. 

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World of Learning

Vanessa Wiseman, Teacher of High School English and Coordinator of Internship and World of Learning, East Campus

“The most exciting part of it was there was a sense of independence. It was interesting to have a little glimpse at the future,” recalls Pranav, now Grade 12 when asked of his World of Learning experience. In the penultimate week before he graduated from Grade 10, the then-Foundation IB (FIB) student spent a week interning at Expat Living, a lifestyle magazine for those newly arrived in Singapore. Looking at his chosen university courses (history, politics, and international relations), this choice of internship may seem completely unrelated. And yet, he recalls it as an important experience that helped him in understanding what he wants for his future. 

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Preparing for an uncertain future

Robbie Jefferiss, University Advisor, East Campus

One of the joys of working in a university advising office is helping our students visualise their future; clarifying their goals and exploring opportunities, many of which they have never considered. You can see their eyes shift upwards, seeing themselves on a campus, or in a new city, or learning a new language. In the busy life of a high school student, asking them to stop and consider what life beyond graduation looks like can be empowering. It can also sometimes be scary as they consider moving from a fairly structured life to one that will be theirs (with some input from their parents, of course!) to decide. 

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