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Philippa Baxter
Class of 2020, East Campus
Tomoko Miyakoshi
Grade 12, East Campus
Enabling and Empowering Displaced Youth to Create Positive Change
Philippa Baxter
Class of 2020, East Campus
Tomoko Miyakoshi
Grade 12, East Campus

Alumni, Leadership, Teaching and Learning, UWC
Enabling and Empowering Displaced Youth to Create Positive Change 
Philippa Baxter
Class of 2020, East Campus
Tomoko Miyakoshi
Grade 12, East Campus

Alumni, Leadership, Teaching and Learning, UWC
Black Box Theatre at UWCSEA East 
Bronwyn Bye
Head of Drama, East Campus

School Infrastructure, Teaching and Learning
An opportunity for interdisciplinary research 
Uzay Ashton
EE Coordinator and Teacher of High School English, East Campus

Holistic Learning Programme, Sustainability, Teaching and Learning, UWCSEA concept based curriculum
A proactive approach to student empowerment  
Carla Marschall
Director of Teaching and Learning, UWCSEA East

Carla Marschall was appointed as the Infant School Vice Principal in August 2016, and began working on UWCSEA's curriculum project in 2017, taking on the Dover Campus post of Head of Curriculum Development and Research in addition to her role as Vice Principal. In August 2018, she moved to the full-time position of Head of Curriculum Development and Research for the College. Most recently, in Decmeber 2019, Carla was appointed Director of Teaching and Learning at UWCSEA East Campus.

Prior to joining UWCSEA appointment, she held the role of Assistant Head of Infants at another large international school in Singapore. Carla came to Singapore from Zurich, Switzerland, where she oversaw curriculum development and implementation from Pre-K to Grade 8. Prior to living in Switzerland, she worked in Hong Kong and in Berlin, Germany as a PYP Coordinator and Primary Vice Principal.

Carla holds a Masters in Elementary Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College and has recently finished a second Masters in Applied Educational Leadership and Management with the Institute of Education, University of London. Passionate about curriculum design for young children, she is especially interested in the role of the curriculum to help students develop critical and creative thinking skills. A workshop leader and concept-based curriculum and instruction trainer, she also consults other international schools interested in restructuring their programmes and co-authored Planning for Concept-Based Inquiry which wqas published in 2018. She was instrumental in designing UWCSEA's first micro-credential 'Planning for Concept-Based Teaching and Learning' which is offered through Digital Promise.

In her free time, Carla enjoys traveling, yoga and other outdoor activities. Together with her partner David, she has two young children who keep them busy.

Lia Gould
College Safeguarding Lead

Since 2017 UWCSEA has employed Lia as the full time College Safeguarding Lead to oversee all safeguarding matters across both campuses. Lia is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience in child and adolescent mental health, and child protection.  

Teaching and Learning
Keri Benefield
Former Primary School Service Coordinator and Grade 4 Teacher
Robert Adcock
Infant School Curriculum Coordinator, Dover Campus

Teaching and Learning, UWCSEA concept based curriculum
An effective approach to nurturing both wellbeing and activism 
Nick Alchin
High School Principal and Deputy Head of Campus, UWCSEA East

Nick has taught in IB schools since 1995, first teaching TOK and Mathematics at UWCSEA Dover and subsequently at the International School of Geneva in Switzerland. After working as Director of IB at Sevenoaks School, UK, and as Dean of Studies at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Kenya, Nick joined us in 2012. He has also been a part-time lecturer in Critical Thinking at Nanyang Polytechnic and California State University (Singapore).

IB Chief Assessor for Theory of Knowledge from 2005 to 2010 and Vice Chair of the IB Examining Board from 2007 - 2013, he is a textbook author, IB examiner, workshop leader and consultant who writes and speaks widely on various educational matters.

Nick has a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, postgraduate certificates in Engineering and Education from Wolfson College, Cambridge and Manchester College, Oxford and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the Open University.


Holistic Learning Programme, Leadership, Opinion, Sustainability, Teaching and Learning, UWC
Bringing life to a family language plan 
Ellie Alchin
Director of Teaching and Learning, Dover Campus

A founding member of the UWCSEA East High School faculty, Ellie was previously Head of High School Humanities, East Campus and moved to Dover Campus to take up the role of Director of Teaching and Learning n August 2018.

Oscar Gallego
Head of Languages A, High School Spanish and Home Languages Coordinator, East Campus
Pilar Jiménez
Head of Home Languages and Teacher of Spanish

Pilar Jiménez established the successful Home Languages Programme (HLP) on Dover Campus in 2017, after 18 years of teaching Spanish as a First Language, Spanish as a Foreign Language and Theory Of Knowledge at UWCSEA Dover. Her degree in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics in combination with her passion for multiculturalism, have driven her to find new paths to embrace and celebrate the rapidly growing linguistic diversity of UWCSEA.

Holistic Learning Programme, Leadership, Opinion, Professional Development, Research, Teaching and Learning, UWC, UWCSEA concept based curriculum
Carma Elliot CMG OBE
College President

Carma joined UWCSEA in August 2019 as the first College President. A career British diplomat for 23 years until 2010, Carma worked in a wide variety of roles and across continents, including bilateral politics, trade and investment, immigration and protocol. Her final three postings were as Consul-General in Chongqing (China), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and finally Shanghai (China).

Carma has spent much of her adult life in China; 2019 marked the 35th anniversary of Carma first going to China, as a student at Fudan University in Shanghai. After leaving the Foreign Office, Carma became Executive Director at China’s single largest international NGO, the Half the Sky Foundation (2010-2013), focused on enriching the lives of China’s orphaned children, before joining the British Council in 2013 as Director China, and concurrently Minister for Culture and Education in the British Embassy Beijing, a member of the Ambassador’s senior leadership team. Throughout her professional life, Carma has affected meaningful change in the government, international education and development sectors in several countries, most recently completing a complex business transformation at the British Council in China.

Carma is originally from Scotland, and is proud to call herself a global citizen. A ‘third culture kid’ herself, she grew up living in multiple countries as her family moved around with her father’s job. Through her professional life, she has developed a deep knowledge of the cultural nuances required to successfully navigate and create intercultural understanding and an appreciation of the importance of respecting diverse perspectives when working towards peace between people. Carma has been honoured twice by Her Majesty The Queen, for her service to the UK abroad.

She is single and has two adopted daughters.

Leadership, Opinion
Supporting our students to find a ‘right fit’ university 
Johanna Fishbein
Head of University Advising

Johanna joined UWCSEA in 2014 from the International School of Brussels where she was the Head of College and Careers Counseling. Previously at Barnard College, she was Director of Pre-College Programs and Coordinator of International Recruitment. She began teaching in NYC public schools, and is Past President of the International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC).

Pamela Kelly Wetzell
Head of University Advising

Pamela joined Dover in 2010 and moved to East in 2012 to build the UAC in anticipation of the first graduating class in 2014. Pamela practiced law in the US before moving to Asia over 20 years ago, founding a small international school in Phuket before moving to UWCSEA. She is also a mentor for IACAC’s scholar mentor programme.

Alumni, Holistic Learning Programme
Carma Elliot CMG OBE joins UWCSEA in August 2019 
Kate Woodford
Senior Manager, Marketing and Business Development

Kate is a marketing and communications professional whose passion lies in creating personal meaning and connections for an audience - which is why she has extensive experience in the highly personal sectors of tourism and education. Skilled in corporate and strategic communications, with proven expertise in translating industry and consumer data into communication plans and marketing and content strategy, Kate is now helping to lead the further development of the customer experience strategy for UWCSEA. Part of the team that opened UWCSEA's East Campus, Kate has worked at the College for 12 years in a variety of communications and marketing roles on all three campuses. Prior to UWCSEA, Kate worked at Tourism Australia in a Trade Development role and started her career in tourism at Tourism Queensland, supervising a highly successful sales team based in the Sydney CDB, back in the days of the Queensland Travel Centres! 

Kate has a Master’s in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Technology Sydney and a Business Degree in Tourism Management from what is now Southern Cross University in Australia. 

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