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  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    24 Apr 2019
    High School students at Dover dressed up for Leavers' Week, the last week of school for Grade 12 students, to the theme of 'superheroes and villains'. To all our Grade 12s, all the best with your upcoming examinations!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    17 Apr 2019
    Dover Campus was bright with colourful and creative costumes yesterday as Grade 10 students participated in Careers Dress-up Day, pulling together outfits to represent their professional calling. Thank you to everyone for wowing us with your creativity!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    16 Apr 2019
    It’s great to have everyone back on campus! We hope you had a wonderful break and wish you a fantastic Term 3!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    14 Apr 2019
    Dover scholars had a fun and active week, with an East Coast Park cycling outing on Tuesday and Kayaking Skills and Games on Wednesday at the school's swimming pool! The activities were organised by Boarding Houseparents, Tony Hopwood and Sophie Morley, for scholars who did not travel home during this term break and are busy revising for their upcoming exams. Photography by Dover Boarding house
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    29 Mar 2019
    Students were participating in a mini-triathlon where they ran, cycled, and swam to their way to healthy exercising habits!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    28 Mar 2019
    K2 students at Dover put on wonderful performances of traditional fairy tales for parents, teachers and fellow students yesterday morning as part of the K2 Arts Festival! The show was the product of a creative collaboration between teachers and students who worked together to craft scripts, make props and create costumes. A job well done to all our young performers!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    26 Mar 2019
    UWCSEA East celebrated the end of the IBDP core subjects – CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), EE (Extended Essay), and ToK (Theory of Knowledge). Said Anna Parr, Drama with English teacher on East, "Our Grade 12 students reflected on and celebrated their accomplishments with an assembly of dances, talks, and our very own DJ, before spending time thinking about the ways we all connect in our grade and belong to many different groups through our experiences." Congratulations to all for your well-earned achievements!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    25 Mar 2019
    Middle School students took the plunge at Day of Sport on Dover - great job to all our swimmers!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    23 Mar 2019
    Student-athletes from the region played an exciting game of softball this morning as part of SEASAC 2019. Congrats to all participants!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    22 Mar 2019
    Today LEAF GC organized a No Drive Day to mark Global Climate Strike for Future, standing in solidarity with other UWCs and students around the world taking action on climate change.