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  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    21 Aug 2019
    Welcome to all our new students and welcome back to students who are returning! It's fantastic to see the campus teeming with students ready to learn, mingle and play, and we can't wait for what's in store this year.
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    13 Aug 2019
    Kickstarting the new school year with a welcome breakfast for all staff – we hope all of you had a restful and rejuvenating break. Also a warm welcome to new members joining our community!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    10 Jul 2019
    Over the June and July break, Grade 9 students embarked on an adventurous and breathtaking Outdoor Education expedition to Ladakh, where they went on a challenging trek, met the people of Ladakh and were treated to a welcoming Ladakhi traditional cultural show. Photography: OED department
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    14 Jun 2019
    We’re excited to share that this year’s Class Giving — a parent-led programme to fund tree-planting, solar panel installation, and support programmes for refugees (UWC Refugee Initiative and Sky School) — culminated in activities in 46 classes and 9 grades across both campuses. The power of collective giving and the spirit of philanthropy is certainly alive and well at UWCSEA, with over 600 families donating over $30,000. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful contribution!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    13 Jun 2019
    The Grade 4s were in full swing at their Urbanathlon – swimming, running, and overcoming obstacle courses, building up their resilience, teamwork, and community building skills.
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    12 Jun 2019
    Sky School founders, Mia and Polly, visited UWCSEA East to share more about their incredible work to provide high-quality education for refugees and displaced youth, inspiring and engaging the community. Thank you for sharing your insights!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    11 Jun 2019
    Congratulations to our student-artists from Middle School for your stunning artwork, displayed at the Middle School Art Exhibition! Over 800 pieces of art are on display. Photography by Hugo and Tanya from Photojournalism activity
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    30 May 2019
    This Grade 11 Drama production is a madcap satire of gothic melodrama and horror – with two actors playing over seven roles!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    27 May 2019
    Installation art created by Grade 8 students and led by Artist-in-Residence Madhvi Subrahmanian will be unveiled at this Friday's Seni Budaya event, 31 May, 5.30–7.30pm, at the Plaza! Celebrate our cultural diversity through art, and cheer the students-artists on as they assemble 27 totem poles at the two gardens at East Campus. Thank you to all for the collaborative effort – we are so excited to see it all finally come together on Friday!
  • UWCSEA in Pictures

    25 May 2019
    Congratulations to the Class of 2019, their families, and teachers. You've made us proud and we wish you all the best as you carry forth the UWC mission.