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Lighting a Billion Lives

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Lighting a Billion Lives Global Concern supports the Lighting a Billion Lives division of The Energy and Resource Institute of India. The GC aims to enhance the lives of villagers by proliferating solar energy to rural villages that lack a sustainable form of lighting that is economical, environmentally friendly or healthy. Through this initiative, the well being of each member of the village would be impacted positively, as light is the build block of development and progress.

UWCSEA Dover supports the Lighting a Billion Lives Initiative in the following ways: raising funds for the installation of a solar charging station in a village. Each solar charging station is accompanied by 50 solar lanterns that illuminate the lives of approximately 250 people a day. Established in 2013, the partnership is new but with dedicated club members it is one that will flourish. 


Dover Campus

This is a High School Global Concern

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