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Africa GC: The School of St Jude

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The School of St Jude educates and accommodates children from the poorest families in Arusha, Tanzania East Africa.

The first class graduated from St. Jude's in 2015 and the key objective of the school is to create future leaders for Tanzania and to have a wider impact throughout the continent. A further focus of the school is to raise the profile and accessibility of high quality education. 

The School of St Jude was first established  to counter to the ongoing problem that many poor families face in Tanzania, that being a lack of affordable good public education. For many families who face economic hardship prioritizing education proves challenging. Although government schooling is available in Tanzania, the teachers are inadequately trained, resources are limited and class sizes are 70 students per teacher. St Jude's aims to combat these issues. Gemma Rice founded St Jude's in 2002, starting with only one teacher and three students. Today the school serves a student body of nearly 2000 and is an integral part of the wider community providing employment for over 400 local people.

The School of St Jude became a Global Concern in 2013, and was merged together with Kalahari GC in 2016 to become Africa GC: The School of St. Jude.

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This is a High School Global Concern.

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