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Moving Mountains

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East Campus

Moving Mountains GC partner with Empowering Women of Nepal to raise awareness about gender issues and strategies for equality. This NGO aims to improve the lives of Nepalese women through sustainable adventure tourism as well as running stewardship programs, education centres, and health and hygiene classes for at-risk children. The founders are three Nepalese sisters, who were amongst the first Nepalese trekking guides, and it has been an NGO since 1999, bridging sustainable eco-tourism social enterprise and the NGO fields. They offer free practical skills based training which extends education for women, provides jobs and promotes business opportunities for women all over Nepal. Moving Mountains GC supports the vocational training programs run by EWN, raises awareness of environmental issues and gender inequality, and supports child protection and education projects in Pokhara. They work together with the Three Sisters and EWN to empower communities in this region, support small businesses and social entrepreneurs and work on projects to increase gender equality.

East Campus

Moving Mountains is a Middle School Global Concern project.

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