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The Service programme empowers students to become aware, able and active contributors to the community, whether on campus, locally in Singapore or internationally with a project in a developing country. Service is at the heart of our mission, and service activities are a vital part of the learning programme.

UWCSEA believes in the transformative nature of the experience of serving others and in the responsibility we have to one another and the planet. The Service programme fosters empathy and helps students to recognise that part of being human is seeking opportunities to put yourself aside in the service of others.


“There are three ways of trying to win the young. There is persuasion, there is compulsion and there is attraction. You can preach at them: that is a hook without a worm. You can say ‘you must volunteer’; that is the devil. And you can tell them ‘you are needed.’ That hardly ever fails.”

Kurt Hahn
 Founder, UWC movement

College, local and global service

Students become involved in College service, where they offer a service to other members of the school community; in local service, where they connect with members of the Singaporean community; and in global service, which incorporates Global Concerns (GC) projects, the Initiative for Peace and our extensive Gap Year programme. Global Concerns is a dynamic initiative enabling students to put their ideals into action by establishing project groups which actively address specific issues about which the students care deeply. The projects focus on working to support causes and communities through direct links with partner organisations outside Singapore.


UWCSEA is recognised as a model of how dedicated and regular service cultivates an ongoing commitment in students to meaningful action in their community and beyond. The value of the Service programme to the organisations and people our students interact with can be measured in many ways. But the greatest impact is on our students, as they put their ideals and values into action and grow as compassionate people and active agents of change.



Overview of UWCSEA service statstics




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