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Global Concerns

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The College’s Service programme beyond Singapore is called Global Concerns (GC). A unique student run and led programme, GC is the foundation on which UWCSEA’s extensive philanthropy activities are built. Global Concerns’ wide variety of activities and projects reflect a range of global development challenges and associated environmental issues. The GC programme seeks suitable partners and ways to enact solutions. The projects that UWCSEA are involved in reflect concern for people and human economic development in a way which is sensitive to culture, the environment and sustainability.

We operate on a small scale, partnering with grassroots organisations outside Singapore which allows us to develop close relationships, and encourage visits by students, parents and staff to work on and see first-hand how the projects operate.

Special efforts are made in our Primary and Middle Schools to incorporate Global Concerns into the curriculum. We hope that as a result of their experiences, our students leave us with a lasting commitment to Global Concerns and an ability to turn ideas into action. For more information on Global Concerns Executive, click here

Global concern projects

Try 4 Cambodia

Try 4 Cambodia GC works with Kampuchea Balopp in Phnom Penh, an NGO that uses the sport of rugby as a means to educate children about social inclusion, respect, teamwork, gender equality and a healthy lifestyle. They work with more than 600 children each week, both disabled and able-bodied, and empower them through structured activities. 

Ummeed GC

Ummeed GC is a Global Concern that strives to empower and help children in Mumbai with developmental disabilities. We work closely with our partnership NGO, Ummeed, which is a child development center that provides specialised care for children with developmental disabilities such as downs syndrome and autism. 

UWCSEA Rainforest Restoration Project

The aim of the UWCSEA Rainforest Restoration Project is to increase the biodiversity of trees on the UWCSEA campuses in Singapore as well as in the Singapore community.

Voices for Refugees

Voices for Refugees is an advocacy Focus Group which gives students the opportunity to discuss and take action on issues of importance where disempowered groups have been denied a voice. Students would plan and organise events to both raise awareness among our community and to encourage people to have a voice and make their opinions heard. 

Water Warriors - a Grade 3 Health and Sanitation Project

This  Grade 3 Global Concern focuses explicitly on linking the ‘Blue Planet’ unit of study with the challenges, issues and necessity of having access to a clean and reliable water supply in Swaziland.

Waterford Kamhlaba Service Support

Waterford Kamhlaba Service Support (WKSS) Global Concern supports a variety of service projects at our sister school, Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (UWCSA) in Eswatini.