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Global Concerns

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The College’s Service programme beyond Singapore is called Global Concerns (GC). A unique student run and led programme, GC is the foundation on which UWCSEA’s extensive philanthropy activities are built. Global Concerns’ wide variety of activities and projects reflect a range of global development challenges and associated environmental issues. The GC programme seeks suitable partners and ways to enact solutions. The projects that UWCSEA are involved in reflect concern for people and human economic development in a way which is sensitive to culture, the environment and sustainability.

We operate on a small scale, partnering with grassroots organisations outside Singapore which allows us to develop close relationships, and encourage visits by students, parents and staff to work on and see first-hand how the projects operate.

Special efforts are made in our Primary and Middle Schools to incorporate Global Concerns into the curriculum. We hope that as a result of their experiences, our students leave us with a lasting commitment to Global Concerns and an ability to turn ideas into action. For more information on Global Concerns Executive, click here

Global concern projects

Project Sun Bear

Project Sun Bear Focus Group is working to save the endangered Sun Bear. Students in this group have supported Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) in their work to rehabilitate abused bears.

Sky School

Sky School Focus Group collaborates with Sky School, a global high school for refugee youth and a UWCx project. They work with a team of experts in social entrepreneurship, refugee issues, university admissions, and curriculum development.

Smiles of China

New Hope Foundation NGOs goal is “To comfort always, to relieve often, and to save sometimes.”  They care for physically handicapped and abandoned children in critical health conditions in their child care centres in Beijing. New Hope Foundation provides these children with a caring and secure environment as they receive medical care, surgery, post op care or palliative care.


SurfAid works closely in collaboration with health department officials and local health providers to implement a health care program in the Mentawai and Nias Islands in Indonesia.


Tabitha Cambodia aims to lift the poorest of the poor in rural Cambodia from poverty by empowering families to create revenue streams through small businesses.

Temple Garden Foundation (TGF)

Temple Garden Foundation (TGF) works with local rural communities in Cambodia to promote sustainable development for those living in poverty. TGF focuses on four core areas: children’s education, income generation, health programmes and infrastructure programmes. The nature of the different projects can vary, depending on the needs of the communities.

Tiger Watch

The Tiger Watch GC is dedicated to support the Forum HarimauKita, the Sumatran Tiger conservation forum that aims to be the central reference point for Tiger conservation in Indonesia. 


Tioman Turtles

Tioman Turtles Global Concern supports the Juara Turtle Project on Tioman Island, Malaysia. The aim of the Juara Turtle Project is to help rejuvenate the habitat and protect the two remaining species of sea turtles that nest on Tioman Island. UWCSEA began their partnership with the Juara Turtle Project in 2006. The school sponsors the project in the form of annual financial donations raised by the Tioman Turtles Global Concern and from the school’s Environment budget.