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Global Concerns

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The College’s Service programme beyond Singapore is called Global Concerns (GC). A unique student run and led programme, GC is the foundation on which UWCSEA’s extensive philanthropy activities are built. Global Concerns’ wide variety of activities and projects reflect a range of global development challenges and associated environmental issues. The GC programme seeks suitable partners and ways to enact solutions. The projects that UWCSEA are involved in reflect concern for people and human economic development in a way which is sensitive to culture, the environment and sustainability.

We operate on a small scale, partnering with grassroots organisations outside Singapore which allows us to develop close relationships, and encourage visits by students, parents and staff to work on and see first-hand how the projects operate.

Special efforts are made in our Primary and Middle Schools to incorporate Global Concerns into the curriculum. We hope that as a result of their experiences, our students leave us with a lasting commitment to Global Concerns and an ability to turn ideas into action. For more information on Global Concerns Executive, click here

Global concern projects

Magic Bus

Magic Bus Global Concern supports the Magic Bus Foundation, which aims to provide marginalised children in the most rural areas of India a better life by providing an education by building physical, social and personal skills, mainly by focusing on the aspect of sport.

Mercy Centre

Mercy Centre, based in Bangkok, aims to assist the city’s slums with a heavy focus on the children. To do this, they have opened 23 kindergartens, with over 2,500 children currently enrolled and over 45,000 graduates. Mercy Centre also works on combating the fear and prejudice against AIDS. Their projects involve education programs, home care, and child care. 

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains GC partner with Empowering Women of Nepal to raise awareness about gender issues and strategies for equality. This NGO aims to improve the lives of Nepalese women through sustainable adventure tourism as well as running stewardship programs, education centres, and health and hygiene classes for at-risk children.

Mumbai Mobile Crèches (MMC)

Since 2003 the Dover Campus Infant School has supported Mumbai Mobile Crèches (MMC), a voluntary agency committed to the task of developing and maintaining care programmes for the children of labourers working on construction sites in Mumbai.

Ocean Filters

This GC takes action to inform the school community of plastic pollution, particularly in the ocean, and to address the problems that arise from it.


The Citizen’s Foundation is a nonprofit organisation launched in 1955, with the aim of breaking down barriers of class and privilege in Pakistan and focusing on education as an area of development. Their missions aims to enable ‘moral, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment’ through education. 

PAW (Promoting Animal Welfare)

Promoting Animal Welfare (PAW) is a Middle School and High School Global Concern that is determined to raise awareness and change the world's perspective about animal protection.


Pinoy GC is a Global Concern that works towards improving lives in the Philippines. We mainly focus on educational needs, disaster relief and the general nourishment of the impoverished. One of the major ways we achieve this is by supporting Gawad Kalinga, an NGO, whose aims mirror our own; working to minimize poverty in the Philippines.