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Global Concerns

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The College’s Service programme beyond Singapore is called Global Concerns (GC). A unique student run and led programme, GC is the foundation on which UWCSEA’s extensive philanthropy activities are built. Global Concerns’ wide variety of activities and projects reflect a range of global development challenges and associated environmental issues. The GC programme seeks suitable partners and ways to enact solutions. The projects that UWCSEA are involved in reflect concern for people and human economic development in a way which is sensitive to culture, the environment and sustainability.

We operate on a small scale, partnering with grassroots organisations outside Singapore which allows us to develop close relationships, and encourage visits by students, parents and staff to work on and see first-hand how the projects operate.

Special efforts are made in our Primary and Middle Schools to incorporate Global Concerns into the curriculum. We hope that as a result of their experiences, our students leave us with a lasting commitment to Global Concerns and an ability to turn ideas into action. For more information on Global Concerns Executive, click here

Global concern projects

Green Umbrella

Green Umbrella NGO works to develop living and education standards for an entire community. They teach students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 at the Karuna Kumar School, which was built in collaboration with UWCSEA. Green Umbrella also runs computer and English classes, sewing skills, organic farming and handicrafts design and production.


Half the Sky

Half the Sky Global Concern strives to bring awareness and support for the abandoned orphans in China due to the ‘One Child Policy’. Half the Sky aims to bring up each of the children under their care in a loving and caring environment. Half the Sky GC has been organised and run by High School since 2006, and continues to actively raise awareness and funds within the UWCSEA community.

HER Journey
HER Journey became a Focus Group within the Global Concerns programme in 2020. 





One of the oldest Global Concerns projects, Himalayan Global Concern has had a focus on supporting different education projects in Nepal.


Hope Foster Home

New Hope Foundation aims to better the lives of physically, disabled, abandoned children in Beijing, China. Our partner NGO, New Hope Foundation, provides the chilren with specialised long term health care and gives potential foster parents the necessary training so the children's potential can be maximized. 


I-India is an organisation that aims to provide care, love and development for street children in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. I-India aims to not only support the short term needs of children such as nutrition and health needs but also to address the long term needs such as education and the development of vocational skills.

Jakarta Street Kids

Jakarta Street Kids Global Concern is focused on helping underpriviledged children living in Indonesia, primarily in the Cipanas area of West Java, near Jakarta. These children often live in vulnerable circumstances due to poverty. 

Kampot Khmer

Kampot Khmer GC supports Chumkriel Language School (CLS) which provides English classes, computer and vocational training, health care, food security and help with building shelter for children and families trapped in poverty. They aim to provide a holistic education, allowing students to learn arts and sports as well as 21st century skills. CLS also runs a soup kitchen organic farm, health programmes and dance classes.