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Dover Campus
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Tabitha Cambodia aims to lift the poorest of the poor in rural Cambodia from poverty by empowering families to create revenue streams through small businesses. In Phnom Penh, dignified work and skills training is provided to marginalised women through the production of Cambodian silk products.

UWCSEA began their partnership with Tabitha in 1995 and our community supports the following programmes:  Family Savings Programme, House Building, Well Building, Small Businesses and School Building.

Every year, the UWCSEA community build over 100 houses, sink around 90 wells and support family partnerships by funding school fees, water jars, sleeping mats, ducks, chicks, piglets and cows.

Dover Campus

Tabitha Global Concern is active in Grade 2, Middle School, Grade 8 and High School. The Tabitha Ladies Housebuilding SEALinks programme also supports Tabitha each year.

The Tabitha silk store is located on Dover Campus. 

East Campus

Tabitha is a High School Global Concern project that supports the women's health and wells programmes. 

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