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PAW (Promoting Animal Welfare)

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Dover Campus
Promoting Animal Welfare (PAW) is a Middle School and High School Global Concern that is determined to raise awareness and change the world's perspective about animal protection. We work closely with Sun Bear Outreach, an organisation set up by UWCSEA alumnus Patrick Rouxel, which provides care for rescued sun bears in Kalimantan, Indonesia, many of which can not return back to the wild.
We also support Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) by hosting awareness-raising and fundraising events that express the unheard voices of mistreated animals, particularly those native to Singapore.
In the past, we have also conducted various campaigns in school in order to bring attention to issues both locally and globally. One such campaign was the annual 'Shark Week'. This was done to raise a voice against shark fin soup and shark finning. We were successfully able to make an impact through this by not only spreading awareness of shark finning in school but also persuading several supermarket branches to stop selling shark fins. Since then, there has been a significant decrease in shark fin consumption in Singapore. We have also conducted campaigns for awareness about the palm oil issue and raised awareness for the use of sustainable palm oil and the animals affected by palm oil plantations.
Looking ahead, we plan on continuing to raise awareness of pressing issues and do more collaborative efforts in order to promote animal welfare.

Dover Campus

This is a Middle and High School Global Concern.

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