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The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) is a nonprofit organisation launched in 1955, with the aim of breaking down barriers of class and privilege in Pakistan and focusing on education as an area of development. Their missions aims to enable ‘moral, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment’ through education. 
TCF creates opportunities for schooling in the most remote areas, such as slums and rural areas far removed from major cities, in order to reach the most underprivileged children and communities. In addition to enriching students, the NGO also empowers the surrounding community with programmes such as literacy skills for adult women, installing water purification plants, and providing vocational training for unskilled adults in the area. In a country with infrastructure as poor as Pakistan’s, with the third highest illiteracy rate in the world (51 million adults) and the second highest number of children out of school, the work of The Citizen’s Foundation is invaluable. 
UWCSEA Dover began its student collaboration with TCF in February 2017 and is sponsoring the education of students from kindergarten to graduation. 

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This is a High School Global Concern.

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