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Mercy Centre

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Mercy Centre, based in Bangkok, aims to assist the city’s slums with a heavy focus on the children. To do this, they have opened 23 kindergartens, with over 2,500 children currently enrolled and over 45,000 graduates. Additionally, they provide free morning and afternoon snacks as well as lunches within the kindergartens which is often the children’s most nutritious meal of the day. They have also been providing shelters for orphans, street children, and children/adults with AIDS in their 6 separate Mercy Homes. Lastly, Mercy Centre works on combating the fear and prejudice against AIDS. Their projects involve education programs, home care, and child care.

As a GC, we aim to fundraise as much as possible for Mercy Centre. Moreover, we aim to raise as much awareness about HIV/AIDS as possible within our school community. On World Aids Day we plan educational PSE sessions and run an awareness day at school.

Dover Campus

Mercy is a High School Global Concern.

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