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Light for Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka
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Dover Campus

Light for Sri Lanka Global Concern supports CandleAid Lanka, an NGO established in 1995 by an alumnus family. CandleAid Lanka operates across ethnicities, religions and regions in Sri Lanka, to support economically underprivileged individuals and communities. There are several long-term educational and health projects needing support and our GC contributes funds for CandleAid’s swimming programme and their educational programs which target students who lack the financial ability to pay for school fees.

UWCSEA has been supporting CandleAid Lanka since 1997 with a specific focus on the 'Learn to Swim' project in Colombo.

Dover Campus

This is a High School GC and Grade 11 students volunteer at CandleAid Lanka each year during their Project Week. This GC is also supported by the UWCSEA Dover Swim Team.

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