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Dover Campus

LEAF GC aims to promote sustainable practices and advocate environmental awareness on campus. 

Some of our primary initiatives are No Drive Day, in which taking environmentally friendly methods of transportation to school is encouraged, and Vegetarian Wednesday, a meatless day which occurs once every two weeks. In 2017/2018, we focused on promoting more options during Vegetarian Wednesday, and raising awareness on the importance of its existence.

We work closely with Sodexo and the operations department to gradually remove the disposable cutlery and crockery at the school, replacing it with reusable options. At school events such as UN Night and recently the community fair, only reusable options are supplied. We are working towards a zero waste policy at the school.

LEAF hopes to continue maintaining environmental mindfulness through creative and sustainable initiatives. In the near future we aim to further decrease the use of disposable cutlery through replacing plastic straws with bamboo straws.

As well as this, we are helping the National Environment Agency with their food waste trial. If the trial goes well, methods of composting and using food waste as biogas could be implemented throughout the whole of Singapore

Dover Campus

LEAF is actively supported by High School students. 

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