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Africa GC: Kalahari

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South Africa
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Dover Campus

The Kalahari Global Concern group works year round to raise funds to inspire, motivate and empower Kalahari learners to reach their full potential. The students we support live in the Moshaweng Valley, an isolated area in the Kalahari Desert. We are part of a network of several schools that are in direct contact with the village communities in the Moshaweng Valley, home to 30,000 people.

Those we work with frequently visit the project to survey needs and to monitor building works such as the current construction of a girls’ hostel which our funds have contributed to. Our primary goal now is to raise funds so that upon completion of the building, we can furnish it with beds and bedcovers, as well as pay for food, uniforms and a sizable first aid kit.

UWCSEA has supported this project since 2007.  

In 2016, Kalahari GC joined forces with The School of St. Jude's GC, and they became known respectively as Africa GC: Kalahari, and Africa GC: The School of St. Jude.

Dover Campus

This is a High School Global Concern.

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