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Jakarta Street Kids Global Concern is focused on helping underpriviledged children living in Indonesia, primarily in the Cipanas area of West Java, near Jakarta. These children often live in vulnerable circumstances due to poverty. Our goal is to to help by providing some of the poorest children in Indonesia with better educational opportunities. We aim to raise awareness of their situations and raise funds to support education and development initiatives. We are currently working with Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) Indonesia, supporting a community-based edcuation initiative for 45 children. Although the main purpose is to ensure that the children will finish their education, YUM also helps to ensure the children and their families well-being by providing services such as support from social workers, basic medical assistance, parenting workshops, and additional tutoring and skills training. 

Jakarta Street Kids has been an established Global Concern in the High School for many years. In 2011, the Middle School section was set up and we began collaborating with XSProject Indonesia by selling their products, which are made from recycled plastic detergent packaging, car seat covers and billboards, to help support the trash picker community living in the slums of Jakarta.

Dover Campus

This is a Middle and High School Global Concern.

East Campus

This is a High School Global Concern.

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