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GOONJ GC supports an NGO called ‘Goonj’ based in India that tackles with an essential human need that is often ignored – clothing. As hundreds die each year in the harsh winter weather of India, Goonj supplies these people with clothing donated from cities all around the world.

However, what makes GOONJ unique is that it uses a discarded medium such as cloth to empower people who usually feel helpless about their situation. In exchange for clothing, the villagers participate in projects varying from building schools to making products from recycled cloth to benefit their community. Not only does this provide the people with clothing to protect themselves but also gives them a feeling of self worth and a proper work ethic. In this way, GOONJ functions as a partnership, affording dignity and respect to those who receive its help.

GOONJ Global Concern was established in 2009.

Dover Campus

This is a High School Global Concern.

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