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Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN)

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As strong believers that education is a right and not a privilege, Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN) is a voice for children who have been exploited in Nepal. We work with children who have been forced into child labour, children who have been sexually exploited, children on the streets and in poverty, and children that have been abused. We fight for their rights through the provision of shelter, food and water, rehabilitation, along with legal support and aid – all in efforts to successfully reintegrate the children back into society. 
CWIN is one of UWCSEA Dover’s oldest Global Concerns, having been active since 1993. We work with the CWIN centre in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, raising funds in support of centres that provide care for vulnerable children. Each year, we send students to CWIN’s projects in Nepal as Grade 11 Project Week volunteers. Some of our popular initiatives for raising funds have included a Jazz for Nepal night, the drive and sale of second-hand clothes during Community Fair, and our reliable, home-baked Food Friday services. 
In 2015, there was a devastating earthquake in Nepal, which heavily damaged CWIN and its residential homes. However, with the support of funds from our GC, CWIN has continued operations with its Child Helpline service. We helped to fund the construction of four quake resistant shelters in their temporary residential programs, along with support of rebuilding the girls’ residential home, Balika Peace home. Funds from this year will go to securing improvements in digital systems with the Child Helpline Centre.

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Child Workers in Nepal is a High School Global Concern.

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