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Casa Da Amizade

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Casa Da Amizade GC works hard to provide community, social and educational activities for the children of over 200 families in São Paulo's Paraisòpolis favela (shantytown) who would otherwise have no access to an education in this vulnerable community. Their values stand in their motto, "Dignity, Trust, Respect and Citizenship". 

Casa Da Amizade has been working with the community for over 16 years, and maintains a small facility complete with playground and sports field. Their programmes include: a pregnancy support programme; sports and recreation activities; weekly (free) vegetable distribution and an adult literacy programme.

UWCSEA's partnership with Casa Da Amizade started in 2012, and our financial contribution to the Casa supports their work in educating and sheltering those left behind by Brazil's economic boom. We help pay for everything from books and food to museum visits and shoes — and help Casa da Amizade reach out to the children of Paraisòpolis to shape their futures through education.

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This is a High School Global Concern.

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