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Bali Bridges

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There are over 13,000 children in Bali, Indonesia who are orphaned or living in severe poverty. Widhya Asih, a non-profit making organisation, was established in Bali in 1975 to support communities and children, living on or under the poverty line. They do this by helping children attend and complete their education through seven children’s homes and community development programmes which assist single parent families and families of students returning home from institutional care.

Bali Bridges is the Grade 4 Global Concern, which spans both Dover and East campuses. UWCSEA established their partnership with the Widhya Asih organisation in 2006. UWCSEA provides educational support through the sponsorship of individual students, from the early years of education to university. We provide material support to improve the existing facilities in the child care centres and develop new facilities to improve the living conditions  – namely by constructing toilets, kitchens and improving existing buildings.

There is also a strong programme of training for the caregivers in the child care centres in order to improve overall care. Each year, a small group of Grade 4 students and their parents travels to Bali to visit and undertake a service project at one of the centres.

Dover Campus

Bali Bridges is a Grade 4 and High School Global Concern and is a SEALinks project.

East Campus

Bali Bridges is a Grade 4 Global Concern and a SEALinks project.

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