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New Hope Foundation NGOs goal is “To comfort always, to relieve often, and to save sometimes.”  They care for physically handicapped and abandoned children in critical health conditions in their child care centres in Beijing. New Hope Foundation provides these children with a caring and secure environment as they receive medical care, surgery, post op care or palliative care.

Additionally, they employ and train local staff, working closely with the local community to help support these children’s needs. Smiles of China GC supports the New Hope Foundation by raising awareness of the specialist medical care required by children who are marginalised. They work with the NGO to understand the types of medical situations the children are experiencing, the reasons for their lack of access to the care needed and working towards finding solutions to this disparity. One particular focus is the employment and training required to provide long term care for the children and a safe, loving and stimulating environment.

East Campus

Smiles of China is a HS Global Concern project

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