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Parents' Association UWCSEA East 2019-2020

Building community together – message from the Chair of the Parents' Association

On behalf of the Parents’ Association (PA) East, welcome to our East Campus community.

PA East is a non-profit, volunteer organisation which supports the mission of UWCSEA by bringing together our vibrant and diverse community. We are committed to the goal of using education as force to unite people for a peaceful and sustainable future. PA East organises social and educational events for the whole school community in our ongoing effort to build community spirit among students, parents and staff.

We are fortunate to have an active, engaged and friendly parent community on our campus. Our hard-working PA is managed by an elected committee of enthusiastic volunteers—all are parents at the school, who have offered their time to serve the school community. In addition, a large number of parent volunteers participate in the many events and programmes run by the PA throughout the year.

There are many opportunities to get involved and we welcome parents to join us in the programmes that we offer throughout the year. Participate as a committee member or volunteer, or by simply attending. Whatever level of participation you choose, your time and involvement will be greatly appreciated. From large campus-wide events, to social coffees and lunches, to regular activities including fitness, arts and service outings, parents will find something enjoyable to join. If you have additional ideas and opportunities for community engagement, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

UWCSEA is a special place—for students, staff and parents alike; we hope you will join us. Please contact us at

Devika Tambe
Chair, Parents’ Association East