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Junior School, East Campus

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Message from the Primary School Principal

Junior School Overview brochure

UWCSEA East Junior School overview

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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and your family. UWCSEA is an incredibly exciting place to learn and grow, and we are so pleased you are considering joining our vibrant community.

We are very lucky to have incredible students in the Junior School who love their time at school and are very supportive of one another. Junior School students (ages 7–11; Grade 2–5) engage fully in the five elements of the UWCSEA learning programme with abundant opportunities for students to explore and extend themselves beyond the challenging and inquiry-based academic programme. Through the Activities, Outdoor Education, Personal and Social Education, and Service programmes, students are further supported in their growth and development during this important stage in their school life.

The Junior School is a large group within the Primary School and is organised in smaller teams to ensure that students feel welcome and supported. Junior School students have access to an increased number of specialist teachers, with specialist lessons in art in addition to physical education, music and languages. Along with the Middle and High School students, the Junior School students begin the school day at 8am and finish at 3pm, one hour later than the Infant School.

I hope you'll enjoy learning more about the school and the UWCSEA learning programme through this website, our admissions materials and by visiting campus if possible. Once again, welcome and thank you for considering UWCSEA.

Pauline Markey
Primary School Principal











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