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Junior School, Dover Campus

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Message from the Junior School Principal

Junior School Overview brochure

UWCSEA Dover Junior School brochure

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you and your family to the Junior School at the UWCSEA Dover Campus.

As teachers, we are incredibly fortunate in this school to have the opportunity to engage with such a diverse group of wonderful children, whose parents are so completely committed to supporting their endeavours and ours. Whatever reputation we enjoy as a school, it has been earned for us by our community, working together to achieve a broad-based, holistic education for the children in our care. As Principal of Primary School, it is an honour to take on the responsibility of ensuring that the College’s mission, vision and values are at the forefront of all we do.

Junior School provides that all-important bridge between the uninhibited curiosity of Infants and the confident striding out of Middle and High School. For the first time, our students are challenged by overseas expeditions in the Outdoor Education element of our programme and a staggering variety of activities and service opportunities is offered. We encourage and cajole them into a breadth of varied experiences, so that as they progress in the school, they may discover that 'grand passion' that they take with them into adulthood perhaps. It is a truly exciting and crucial stage in their school careers and we aim, in partnership with parents, to make it a successful one for every individual.

The Junior School day runs from 8am until 3pm and most after-school activities finish at 4.30pm. Our students are given access to more specialist subjects than in Infants, including a greater choice of languages, increased Physical Education and specialist Art lessons for the first time. These changes are important and help our students to approach Middle School, which in turn amends the architecture of their day to prepare them for the independence and self-regulated learning required in High School.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your family to UWCSEA. 

Brian Ó Maoileoin
Junior School Principal