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Infant School, Dover Campus

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Message from Infant School Principal

Infant School Overview brochure

UWCSEA Dover Infant School brochure

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I am absolutely delighted to welcome you to UWCSEA Infant School on Dover Campus. My colleagues and I are dedicated to providing a range of diverse and creative learning opportunities within a happy, safe and welcoming environment for our youngest students. 

Our unique UWCSEA learning programme consists of five interlinking elements: academics, activities, outdoor education, personal and social education and service. Each element is valued equally and they combine to provide our students with a holistic, values-based education that develops them as individuals and as members of a global society. 

We are an international community with a diversity of experience, cultures and passions and our learning programme reflects this. As a result, we provide a rich variety of experiences for children to explore new possibilities alongside developing important skills, values and dispositions that are needed for students in the 21st century. Play and a young child’s predisposition to wonder, leads logically into an inquiry-based approach to learning, where academic understanding is developed in harmony with a full range of social, emotional, creative and physical skills.

We firmly believe that parents are an essential component of our programme - a competent and active participant in their child’s learning experience. We aim to cultivate and maintain strong home-school partnerships to ensure that we maximise learning outcomes for our students. 

Whether you are a parent looking for the best educational option for your child or a teacher interested in joining our school, I trust that our website gives you a sense of what makes our school such a special place to learn and teach, and I invite you to visit us soon.

Lynda Scott
Infant School Principal










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