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High School, Dover Campus

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Message from the High School Principal

High School Overview brochure

UWCSEA Dover High School overview brochure

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A warm welcome to the UWCSEA Dover High School for all current and prospective students and parents!

The Dover High School is a dynamic and engaging space in which young people can thrive, hone their own personal values and find their voice. We are committed to providing learning opportunities that support students in becoming caring, principled, self-aware and resilient young people. As students enter Grade 9 at Dover they are at different stages of their intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. Our goal is to meet them where they are and help them get to where they need to go. There is a pragmatic dimension to this focus: we ensure students are well-prepared for life beyond school both in terms of skill and knowledge development and identifying the optimal pathways into tertiary education, Gap Years or the workforce. UWCSEA High School teachers, though, are also unique. They are driven by an idealistic and optimistic spirit. The team in the Dover High School want students to be more than their grades or their university choices; they want students to be inspired to live the UWC mission. Whether in the classroom or through the extensive Service and Activities programme and leadership opportunities on offer, students are challenged to take action to help create a better, more peaceful and sustainable world.

UWCSEA Dover High School is a place where all can belong. As a school there is a space for the quiet and more vocal leaders; for the extraordinary athletes and artists and those seeking to cultivate a lifelong love of sports and the arts; and for individual academic excellence that looks holistically at learning not the numbers a student achieves. There is also space for those students who seek to raise awareness of issues and those who seek out direct action as a way of making a difference.

The UWCSEA Dover High School is an exhilarating place to be and we invite new and existing parents to join us on a journey of discovery. New families will be inspired by Dover students and new students will be challenged to be all that they can be by Dover’s experienced and committed teachers. Both parents and students at UWCSEA are invited to actively participate in creating the best possible educational experience for all. All that we ask is that students bring a spirit of curiosity and openness and a desire to learn. We’ll then meet students where they are and support them in developing the courage and understandings they need to be the global voices of diversity, peace and sustainability.

Come and join us for this exhilarating and inspiring journey! Our team in the High School welcomes conversations with current, new and prospective families so we can support you in understanding the uniqueness of UWCSEA Dover High School experience.

Warm regards,
Rebecca Butterworth
High School Principal










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