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Dover Campus

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Message from the Head of Campus

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Dover Campus.

Dover is an incredibly special place. It is special because it manages to combine high levels of academic achievement with an all-pervading emphasis on service to others, environmental stewardship, teamwork and leadership. It is also special because there never seems to be a moment when something isn’t happening. There is a feeling of extraordinary vibrancy, dynamism, warmth and fun, and it is worth noting that much of what you will see as you walk around the campus is student-driven.  

At the root of everything we do is our mission – to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Unlike many schools our mission isn’t limited to a concern for success at an individual level, important though such a thing is.  It is fundamentally concerned with giving young people the tools so that they feel able to take responsibility for shaping a better world. After all, many of the problems the world faces now are serious and complicated, and to address these problems bright young minds are needed. For more than forty years UWCSEA has sought to help develop ethical young people with a bias for action who will go on to have a positive impact on society.

Over 75 nationalities enrich the daily life on campus, as does the boarding community and the scholarship students selected through the UWC national committee structure on the basis of their potential to have a positive impact. UWCSEA is a truly international school. Despite this diversity, Dover is characterised by amazing uniformity in one respect: the relationships between students and staff, and between students and students. These are warm and based on mutual respect. They are also part of the ‘living in and with’ rather than ‘living alongside’ others through which young people at UWCSEA are challenged to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their own cultures and ways of life.  

The individual sections of the website give more in-depth information about the different schools, and I hope that you find these useful. However, no website can give a true feel of a school and so I would encourage you, if you have questions, to come to visit us.


Elizabeth Bray
Head of UWCSEA Dover




UWCSEA Dover at a glance statistics: student and staff numbers and ratio; student nationality split