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Leadership at UWCSEA

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UWCSEA is a complex organisation, requiring a large network of individuals and teams, working together to ensure that students are receiving the best possible educational experience every day. The senior leadership teams consist of a Board of Governors, the Learning Leadership Team (LLT), the College Leadership Team (CLT), the Dover Leadership Team (DLT) and the East Leadership Team (ELT).

The Board of Governors sets direction, establishes policies and ensures accountability. The LLT, CLT, DLT and ELT are led by the College President and/or the Heads of Campus. These teams are supported by the Dual Campus Operational Leaders, who together ensure that the College fulfills its strategic plan and that students and student learning are at the heart of everything we do.

UWCSEA is fortunate to have highly experienced leaders contributing to the development of the College and its programmes at all levels - academic, governance and administrative. Please visit the pages profiling our leadership to gain an understanding of the depth and breadth of experience that our community members bring to the College.