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Trifecta triumph - congratulations to Mikael Morn '92

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Trifecta triumph - congratulations to Mikael Morn '92

Bravo to Mikael Morn ’92, UWCSEA alumnus and Foundation Leadership Council Trustee, for completing the third and final ascent of his Three Peak Challenge.

We hope he heard the distant cheers and thunderous applause of the UWCSEA community echoing high up to where he stood astride the summit of Mount Elbrus, Russia, last Thursday, 6 September.

It was a sensational finish to Mikael’s ambitious challenge of scaling not one but THREE of the world’s most remote peaks in just two short weeks - whilst raising money for a fully-funded scholarship at UWCSEA.

The ambitious test of physical endurance was driven by a tremendous passion and belief in the UWC mission - that education can bring together young people from all backgrounds on the basis of their shared humanity, to explore social change through courageous action, personal example and selfless leadership. Mikael’s intent on bringing this ethos to life through supporting the UWCSEA Scholarship Programme – so more students from all corners of the world can come together and enrich UWCSEA's campuses; making global issues real and relevant, giving an appreciation of differences and commonalities, and a deeper understanding of specific cultures and nations.

Above and beyond putting himself physically on the line for the cause, Mikael is also making a very generous financial commitment. He’s matching donations up to S$50,000 - ensuring a double impact from donations made.

“Mikael’s moving mountains for UWC – we’re humbled by the lengths some of our community members will go to in their support of our college and their commitment to ensuring more scholars can join and enrich our student body,” says Dave Sheperd, Director of Advancement.

Taking fundraising to new heights

The campaign is open until the end of September 2018. Donors may join Mikael at the same time as benefiting from his pledge to match their donations, up to a value of S$50,000. Join him in giving the remarkable gift of a UWC education.

Check out Mikael’s blog chronicling his adventures – stunning photos tell the story of his ascent to the summit of Mount Damavand in Iran on 28 August, Mount Demirkazik in Turkey on 1 September – and of reaching the final peak of Mount Elbrus in Russia on 6 September.

He set out with nothing but a backpack overflowing with determination, enthusiasm, and commitment but Mikael’s dream will soon become a new scholar’s reality. As Mikael heads home to take a well-deserved rest after his remarkable climb he will be passing the baton on to the student whose scholarship he’s so dramatically fundraised for – we look forward to welcoming this new scholar to UWCSEA in August 2019.


10 Sep 2018
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