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Setting our sights on solar

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Setting our sights on solar

Did you know that our world emits the mass equivalent of nine blue whales (1,260,000 kilograms) of carbon dioxide every second? Did you also know that Singapore, despite its rapid development, still sources most of its energy through the burning of natural gas? And, despite UWCSEA's multi-faceted sustainability initiatives and Green Mark Platinum buildings, our College relies on unsustainable, grid-supplied energy and is responsible for the emission of 2,535,790 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually. This means that we are contributing substantially to the planet’s changing climate. These frightening facts inspired our team when we were in Grade 8 (two years ago) to start the Solar for East project.

After much preparation, our ambitious proposal to install 1130 solar panels at East Campus was approved by the UWCSEA Governing Board in January 2018, and we began to spread the word about the power of solar around the campus. Our community fundraising appeals began late last year and we are currently working on raising funding for the first 100 panels. And on Saturday, 23 February, we will have our first installation event! So get your hard hats, sunscreen and knee pads out, the whole community is invited to our solar panel installation party! More details will follow in eBrief.

Once installed and connected to the College’s power grid, these panels will save almost 4 million kilograms of carbon dioxide and yield 9.3 million kW hours of clean energy. The best part is that you can be part of the solution! Consider making a donation and helping us light up East Campus with solar energy. Each dollar contributed saves the emission of 5.83 kilograms of carbon dioxide and pushes our community towards making fewer demands on the fragile and precious ecosystems of our planet.

Did you know, that it in the time it has taken to read this article almost 126 million kilograms of carbon dioxide have been emitted into the atmosphere? So what are you waiting for? Join our Solar for East initiative today by adopting a panel and helping out at the installation event!

Collective giving through the UWCSEA Foundation continues to advance the vital UWC mission and enrich the transformational UWCSEA learning experience, in the classroom and beyond. Make a gift today.  



16 Jan 2019
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