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Rockin’ rap for my soul

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Rockin’ rap for my soul

The following is a piece of student work submitted to Community News.

How I started liking rap music,
Is kinda amusing,
This took me a while,
So now listen to my freestyle,
I bet you this is worthwhile,
This is my lifestyle…..

Now that’s something that I have been working on.

My earphones were sitting snug in my ears. My forefinger trying to select ‘Can't stop the feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. I shut my eyes and a different kind of music with a different kind of beat began to play. And before I knew it my head was moving and kind of putting me in a groove. I can vividly remember the song I heard: ‘Stressed out’ by Twenty One Pilots in G3.

The words were so easy to catch like a ball and I noticed that they often told a story, a true story. My feet tapped, my head and body swayed in wave like motion. Soon my fingers pointed rhythmically to the right and left. Even my eyeballs were circumambulating. I was moving to the groove.

I switched back too ‘Can't stop the feeling’. Oh it was suddenly so slow. Almost a drag. I blasted ‘Stressed out’.

"Stop that rap!" screamed my mother, barging into my room. I was so engrossed to the beats that I realised later that I had completely ignored my mother. I turned the volume down. Wow! What an experience... I was really excited and soon shared the song with my friends.

By the end of the day, my friends and I were suggesting rap songs to each other-  Clearly, I was hooked to this cool rocking genre of music.

Rap is kind of a mix between talking and singing to a rhythm. Most of the words are in spoken language, something that one will hear on the streets. It's not sophisticated but performs a soothing sound to the ears.

I have taken inspiration by rap songs and now started writing some of my own. 

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18 Mar 2019
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